The company MAXVENTE SARLAU, whose main office is located at 8 Rue Mly Ahmed Elwkili, Appt N°30, Hassan - Rabat - Morocco, registered with the Trade Register under number: 142189. The MAXVENTE SARLAU agency has a secondary office in the city of Marrakech at M AVENU, M Business, Second Floor, Hivernage.

Represented by Mr. ELAOUAL IDRISSI REDA in his capacity as General Manager, duly authorized for the purposes hereof;

Hereinafter referred to as "the company" on the one part, And,

NAME :  

Ci-après dénommée « l’apporteur de projet » d’autre part
MAXIMMO est une marque enregistrée de la société MAXVENTE SARLU et sera dénommé ‘ MX ‘ sur chaque article de ce contrat.

Il a été arrêté et convenu ce qui suit :


Hereinafter referred to as "the project contributor" on the other part.
MAXIMMO is a registered trademark of the company MAXVENTE SARLU and will be referred to as 'MX' in each article of this contract.

It has been agreed as follows:

Article 1: Purpose of the Collaboration

The real estate properties as well as the client requests are shared between the two stakeholders.

Article 2: Situation

  1. The real estate partner, represented by its project contributor, has the power to promote, plan, show, and negotiate with their potential client(s) the property or properties mentioned in Article 1.

  2. The real estate partner, represented by its project contributor, has the power to have their client(s) sign a visit voucher and to invoice their fees thanks to the transfer of authority from the mandate.

  3. The real estate partner, represented by its project contributor, does not have the power to receive a direct or indirect commission via the principal (the owner/owners of the properties mentioned in Article 1); any such remuneration remains the right of the company MX.

The commissions will be:

a) The real estate partner, represented by its project contributor, will receive as commission 40% of the total commission of the MX agency in the case of a file managed by both stakeholders.
b) In the case of a file that goes beyond two levels, the project contributor's commission will be negotiated based on the circumstances of the file, such as in the case of co-agency or multiple co-agencies.

Article 3: Duration and Revocation

This Agreement is concluded for a duration of 12 months, starting from the date of its signature by the Parties, renewable by tacit renewal for identical and successive periods.

Article 4: Confidentiality of Exchanges

The business contributor undertakes not to disclose any document(s), information, or contact(s) that may have been communicated to them by the company MX without the explicit consent of the latter.

Done in Marrakech, on 20/05/2024.

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Signed by Mohamed Reda Idrissi
Signed On: May 20, 2024

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